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Nobody wants to think about getting into trouble with the law, but it happens. Bad things happen to good people and even the smallest legal infraction can have devastating real world consequences. Blue Lights in Your Mirror: A Student's Guide to the Criminal Justice System shows what can go wrong when poor decisions are made during a typical police encounter. More importantly, this book explains how things can go much better when your first interactions with the police are made with an understanding of how the system really works, and you know exactly what to do and what to say.

Blue Lights in Your Mirror is designed to appeal to high school and college students alike. The practical question and answer format, combined with several short stories, focuses on the typical activities that many students experiment with, such as underage possession of alcohol, smoking pot, or using a fake ID. The information is based upon the experience of the authors, both trial lawyers, who have practiced criminal law in local, state and federal courts for a total of over 75 years.

Having a good understanding of what to say and how to act will improve a person's chance of surviving both a police encounter and the criminal justice system - or better yet, of avoiding them altogether. This short, readable book should be required reading for every student who hopes to be gainfully employed upon finishing school,and for parents who want to see their children come out on top!


Blue Lights in Your Mirror
A Student's Guide to the Criminal Justice System